My Oja is owned by Dessco International Company, a family owned business located in Minneapolis, MN. Since its founding in June 1995, Dessco International Company has grown into a leading supplier of a wide range of the finest African foods. From the highly acclaimed “Metta” brand red palm oil, Dessco has perfected the production and supply of fine pounded yam, plantain fufu, spices, dry vegetables, and a wide range of frozen food products needed by the diverse immigrant population in the USA. Other highly acclaimed Dessco brands include: “Ayo”, “Sirri’s”, and “Safari Pride”. All our products are selected and presented to enable you to continue to savor foods which you enjoyed in your childhood and crave in your various traditions. Dessco International Company will provide you excellent customer service that seeks to exceed your expectations and needs with the finest quality products at low prices. Visit our stores, shop online for our products (Metta, Ayo, Sirri, and Safari Pride Brands) through wholesale services.